Your Crucible = Your Best Life

Posted Thursday, July 23, 2015

"I thought life would be more than this."

My friend was being real. Life slowly went into the shitter and every path out of it seems unlikely to succeed plus trying to get out actually seems to be more painful than where he is right now. So he stays right there--for years. Don't get me wrong. Life from the outside looks pretty hunky dory. Good job. Kids. Wife. Home in the burbs. The american dream. He knows the truth though. And so do you.

You get it. You've been there. I've been there. We've all been there. Sometimes you wake up to one or a combination of these thoughts: 

"What is the purpose of this life? Why am I doing this job? Do I love my spouse? Does she love me? My children hate me. Do I matter? Do I have what it takes? Do they like me? Why don't I have kids yet? Will I ever find peace? Why did he leave me? Who am I? "

These aren't just passing thoughts. They consume us. They take over our brains and impact our bodies. My friend reports stress, illness, and basically daily dread.

Here's the thing though, this is the moment of your life.

This is the crucible. This is where you can become the person you want to become. This is the wake up call for your one and only life. It is here that life can finally turn a corner because now your SOUL has your attention.

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We Don't Need Gun Control

Posted Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We Don't Need Gun Control.

Well, maybe we do--and I'm not going to argue with you from either side of this argument. Individuals on both side of the debate speak in terms of how obviously they are right. So keep at it--see how far that gets you in creating a better world.

Violence (granted GUN violence) born of racist hatred strikes Charleston and less than 24 hours pass and the debate focuses on primarily two things--gun controland the confederate flag. Both important discussions but I'm left wondering when we will EVER discuss what is really happening here! 

Gun control--even if it does everything the advocates say it would do would not change the polarized misunderstandings between urban/rural, north/south, black/white, progressive/conservative, etc... that exists in this country. Removing the confederate flag may make some of us feel good about moving a symbol of racism but it won't make a dent in the racial hatred that exists in this country. 

So I ask, what are we actually DOING that will make a difference? I think we are actually making it worse. The polarization of america is absolutely the biggest problem we are facing and it is rampant and gaining followers. 

We are at our core tribal people and when you attack my tribe, it doesn't make me more likely to join your tribe, it makes me want to destroy your tribe. You can't logic someone into changing their mind and you certainly can't use violence to get people to change.

Peace comes when the wiseman or wisewoman of my tribe reaches out to the wiseman or wisewoman of your tribe. When we understand your grievances and begin to see you as part of the same tribe as me--the tribe of humanity. 

I think the most beautiful shining example of this truth was the SCOTUS decision to make marriage legal for anyone regardless of sexual orientation. It is because in 2015, almost everyone loves, is related to, or in some way cares about an individual in the LGBT community (tribe). We've built so many relationships to the point where even the Supreme Court sees it differently. We are now a part of the same tribe. 

I am on a mission to become a wiseman. To create wisemen and wisewomen. I am on a mission to combine tribes. This is what I am doing. Will you join me? A true wiseman or wisewoman understands some core truths about the world that defines his or her way of dealing with the world.
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The World Needs You and Your Purpose

Posted Friday, June 12, 2015

It's 7am. He's here. His mom is here . His principal, his assistant principal and his 8 teachers are all gathered around the table. To talk about him. To talk WITH him. There are 3 weeks left to go in the school year and he might not pass 10th grade. It's serious. Obviously.

They make a plan. They work together. He is going to have to work hard to make up for the last few months--but he can do it--the plan is possible.

This could very well have been the best day of his life.

Have you ever felt this loved? This paid attention to? Felt like you mattered so much that 10 people with plenty of other really important things to do--show up at 7am on a Thursday morning?

This is a true story. As my sister told me this story about my nephew, I was blown away at these teachers, these school administrators who are living their purpose--making a difference with their lives. what the world needs. Those amazing humans in that room are an example for each of us.

I have no idea what motivates them--what gets them out of bed. They do. They have no doubt about what they are about.

Do you? What gets you out of bed? Really?
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