Poetry is a clear window into the heart. I often write to express the thoughts and emotions inside me--not knowing what will appear on the page but invariably discovering more about myself and the world around me.

Have You Heard?

Posted Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You've heard it said
Love is patient
Love is kind
It keeps no record of wrongs

You've even heard
Love never fails
Love is all we need
And love always finds a way

Have you heard
That love is fierce?
Love cuts through the lies
Conquers all our fears 

Have you heard
That love is always a surprise?
Always present
But never controlled?

Have you heard?
You were born loving?
You know all you need to know
About love
About loving?

It's true
Love is inside you
To be expressed

It waits
Behind your fear
Behind your conditions
Behind your lies

You were born loving
You know all you need to know
About love
About loving

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Posted Thursday, April 16, 2015

To breathe
To breathe life into 

To breathe is to live
It's who we are
It's our life force

Breathing in 
Breathing out

To breathe is to live
To breathe is to love

Where are you really living?
In your life
Who are you really loving?
In your life

Inspire me there
Tell me about it

Your courage
Your struggle
Your story

It inspires me
Breathes life into me
Shows me how to love

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Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am enough
I have enough
For today
For my future

I am enough
Everything I need
Is here
All my happiness
Is available
Right now

It's coming out of me
Spewing like a fountain
Expressing unbridled

Love for me
Love for you
Love for the world

I am enough
Creative enough
Courageous enough
Loving enough
To change the world
Starting with me

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Born this Way

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

I was born loving
Born forgiving
Born honest

I didn't make the world
The way it is
But I'm making it now
I don't blame you
For hurting me
You were just protecting your wounds
Trying to be in control
Just like me
Just like most everyone else

Now I'm making the world
Creating it
With you
With everyone one

I am creating peace
Heart awakening awareness
Non-judgmental noticing

Truth telling
To myself
To others

To myself
To others

To myself
To others

I was born loving
Born forgiving
Born honest

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My Tree

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's true
There are no roots
At least visible roots

The obvious stuff
Stable career
Not present

I chose this
Cut those roots
Had them in spades
Displaced my tree
Moved it
Replanted it

In the air

New roots are growing
Less tangible
But stronger

New roots
Self adoration
Soul peace
Contentment no matter what
Love, Real love
Failing, Out loud

Working on my tree
Married to my tree
At home in my tree

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What Have We Learned?

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are you willing to admit it
Confront truth
Your plan
It isn't working

Are you willing to grapple
Sit in bewilderment with it
This idea
You don't have it figured out
Nor will you ever

Are you willing to love
Without knowing
If anything will be returned

Peace comes
Love arrives
Life begins

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The Old Story

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

As a child
You trust
You believe
You can do anything

As a child
You believe
You are a star
You are watched
You are known
You are wonderful


And you believe
Something new

I can't
I'm too loud
I'm too selfish
I'm too silly

You tell yourself
The story
Your truth
That runs you

Tell a new story
The old story
Told again

I can
I must be heard
I'm needed
Silly is beautiful

The world needs you
You need you
The REAL you
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Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

Choose being loved

Bury being better
Bury knowing what THEY need to do
Bury knowing what I need to do

Bury my stories
Bury my victimhood
Bury my rescuer
Bury my villain

Bury my smart-ness
Bury my depth
Bury my knowing

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Wrestling like Jacob

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013

I sleep
I dream
Experience adventure
Looking for peace

Is that what Jacob sought?
What was he wrestling God for?
To win?
To get what he wanted?

He demanded a blessing
Wouldn't let God go
Without it

What are you demanding from God
Right now?
What has he already given you?
Over and over again

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Love Story

Posted Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ask me to tell you a story of love and I will tell you a story of affliction. Pain beyond description as I realize my own role in blocking my deepest wishes. I will tell you a story of addiction, control and manipulation. Addicted to all the things that gave me a sense of transcendence but always left me wanting in the end. Control of situation and people—especially people. And I will tell you story after story of manipulation to get my own way, to have you respond how I wanted you to, to show my best face to the world. I will tell you a story of letting go, faith, authenticity, and courage. Letting go of outcomes, faith in the mystery of something better, being real no matter what, and the desperate courage to choose it all—again and again. I will tell you a story of failed courage and continued control and manipulation. I will tell you a story of mustering the will to try it again because I know in my heart of hearts that it isn't real love if I'm not really me. I will tell you a story of companions and belief in other and belief in goodness. Men and women who come alongside me every step of the way. Who believe in me and I choose to believe in them. Nothing makes sense if there isn't a core goodness in the world—if God or the Universe isn't seeking me much more than I am seeking Him, Her, or It. Ask me to tell you a story of love and I will tell you about me. I will also tell you that I want this story for you. I will tell you a story that will change the world. One HEART at a time.  Read More »

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