Authentic Development Workshop Series
Falling Rocks Ahead
(11:30-1:00 PM)

Date: 24-Mar-2011
Capacity: 25 (52% booked)


Falling Rocks Ahead
Discover Dangerous Authenticity

What does it mean to be your true self? What is available to you when you decide to move towards discovering what really makes you tick? Caution though--there are reasons why so many of us stick our heads in the sand and show a face to the world that we think others want to see. The reason is we're scared of what might occur. This workshop will explore some of the dangerous rocks ahead on your journey of authenticity--but it will also help you discover how beautiful the road will be along the way.

11:30 AM -1:00 PM

Lucky Monk Restaurant
105 Hollywood Blvd
South Barrington

$20 Includes Lunch & 60 minute workshop

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