Practice Makes People: The Core Disciplines (11:30-12:30 PM CT)

Date: 13-Oct-2015
Capacity: 25 (16% booked)


The Core Disciplines 
Celebration and Solitude 

Join us as we kick off Practice Makes People with a discussion on the core disciplines: Celebration and Solitude. 

This week we will kick-off the the series with a discussion about the two disciplines that set a foundation for how all the disciplines work. Solitude matters because it teaches us how to truly be with ourselves. When we can be aware of our own thoughts and feelings, we can better relate to others. Celebration is complete engagement in what is occurring in that moment. Loving life and experiencing it fully with those around you. Disciplines don't have to be difficult, they just need to be practiced and celebration teaches us to be in community.

October 13th 11:30 AM -12:30 PM Central Time
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