Winter Wellness Retreat Day

Date: 04-Feb-2012
Capacity: 20 (75% booked)


Event is FULL but the next event has been scheduled for March 10th. Sign up HERE!

Please contact Ken via email at to be put on the waiting list if you would still like to sign up for February 4th.

Winter Wellness Retreat Day in beautiful Geneva, Illinois

Offered by Smith Leadership and Authentic Development

Cost: $65

Come join us for a full day of creating wellness with a program specifically designed to have you walk away refreshed and energized in your daily living.


8:30-9:00: Arrival and Setting Intentions 

9:00-10:00: Yoga/Body Movement

10:00-12:00: Living Our Truest Life Experiential Workshop

12:00-1:30: Healthy Cooking Workshop and Lunch

1:30-2:30: Soundscape Wellness

2:30-3:30: Qigong

3:30-4:00: Wrap-up and Completion

The day will begin with your arrival and setting intentions for the day and for your life. We will then move into basic Yoga (no experience necessary) led by Pamela O'Brien of Green Leaf Yoga to prepare our bodies and our spirit to receive. We will then participate in an experiential workshop on Living our Truest Life. Lunch will include food prepared as a part of a Healthy Cooking workshop led by Dr. Jen Stanley of From Scratch Wellness. The afternoon will begin with a Soundscape Wellness workshop in order to raise awareness on the effects of sound and music on your personal wellness. We will then discover tools and strategies for choosing your own personal soundscape. In mid-afternoon, we will meditate with Qigong led by Dr. Stanley before wrapping up our day together. 

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Please contact Ken Carlson at 847.873.9559 or with any questions. 

Top Five Reasons to Focus on Wellness in 2012

1. Living authentically is truly the only way to experience the fullness of your entire life.

2. Wellness will make you feel strong in your own body; able to meet the challenges of daily living.

3. Improved self-esteem. Increased belief in being able to achieve your own goals.

4. Increased alkaline food intake reduces overall inflammation and increases oxygen and repairs organ function.

5. Wellness practices enhances mental capability; including reducing forgetfulness and eliminating mental fog. 


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