“Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time."
~Don Miguel Ruiz


When I was six
I cried
When you left

I decided
I wasn’t good enough
Wasn’t lovable enough
Wasn’t smart enough

When I was 30
I cried
When you left

I decided
I wasn’t worth it
I wasn’t what you needed

When I was 39
I cried
When you left

This time
I realized it was you
It wasn’t me

I decided
I am good enough
I am lovable enough
I am smart enough
I am worth it
I am needed

Now I can’t be abandoned
By me

~by Ken Carlson

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Workshops About Relationships

A Poem for my Honey--Virtual Workshop on Monday Feb. 4th at 8PM CST

This 60 minute virtual call will allow you to walk away with a poem that you write yourself for the one you love. It may be the best gift you could give and the skills you learn can be applied over and over again. Details here!

From Survive to Thrive During Divorce Workshop Series

Divorce can be awful. We want to help. Ken Carlson and Family Law Attorney Patty Cartwright are presenting a series of workshops starting on March 6th. Topics include: Legal Basics, Boundaries in Divorce, Parenting in Divorce, and others.  Details!

From the Blog: 

Your Righteous Indignation is Eating Away Your Life

I can barely stand it anymore. All the hatred directed at all sides. Conservatives and Liberals. Gays and Christians. Gun owners and gun control advocates. Everyone believes that they are right and the other side is evil. We have lost sight of each other's humanity and the truth is that our anger is making ZERO impact on the other side. Truth is our anger is actually hurting ourselves.

An example:

It went viral. This video by a newswoman in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. She was hurt. Her husband came to her defense on Facebook. Someone sent her a note about her weight.

Female Wisconsin News Anchor Speaks Out (0:59)

The response has been incredible. Hundreds of fans have rushed to her support. She labeled him a bully on air. The name calling hasn't stopped there with basically every name from A to Z being sent his way.

I'm definitely in the minority here when I say that this video isn't about bullying or obesity or anything really that most people are making it about.

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What is it that your really want in your relationships?

Your relationships define you.
They matter at your core.
You desire to be an amazing spouse.
You want to create healthy patterns in all your relationships.
You don't want to make the same mistakes from your past.

You want to be OK in your own skin. Every day.

We've all been there. I've been there. I've spent my life focused on relationships with many successes and failures along the way. 

Authentic Development coaching eventually gets down to authentic relationships. Authentic relationships with others and an authentic relationship with yourself. I ask you the questions and sit with you while we tackle the speed bumps in the way.

Coaching changes us because a coach and a client create together a path that resonates so deeply with us that we can't help but live it with passion. Schedule a sample session today. Even this simple step of trying something new will bring change in your life.  Learn more...

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