Show me a hero, and I will write you a tragedy - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who's Rescuing Me?

I did it again
I saved the day
Everyone's impressed
They can't say enough
About my kindness
My talent
My amazing-ness 

I feel good too
This is the life
Helping people
Caring for them
Service over self
At least that's what I say
To myself

Here's the truth
I do it
For me
For the rush
For the attention
For your praise

It's another way
To be in control
To not let you in
To not be needy
To not be real
To not be me

The real me
Needs care
Needs attention
Just for being me

The real me
Isn't in control
Wants to let you in
Is needy

I'll be me
No saving the day
Maybe I'll receive care
Maybe I'll receive attention
Just for being me

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From the Blog: We're Creating Our Own Hell

There’s a disease out there that affects millions. It is literally killing people every day. Nearly every family has at least one individual suffering from this disease. The kicker is that each of us that suffer from this disease chose it for ourselves.

I just had lunch with a longtime sufferer of this disease. Here’s a quick description. Ashley is a young professional woman. Single with a good job and striking good looks. She’s hired a trainer to keep her slim and paid a hefty sum for a 20 session package. Here’s the problem: the trainer barely shows up at 6AM. This has been going on for months and he continues to lie about why he doesn’t show up. So what does Ashley do? She gives him another chance, and another, and another. She finally does stand up for herself after he misses three weeks in a row and ask for a refund for the 10 sessions left. Why did it take so long? It’s because she’s so nice. She wants to make sure everyone is OK. That’s the disease: BEING THE HERO! Even in our conversation today, she was taking responsibility for the situation because maybe the time doesn’t work for him and the price she was paying was very inexpensive compared to what she’s heard other people pay. Really?


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