"Be Happy For This Moment. This Moment Is Your Life."
~Omar Khayyam


Standing still
I'm still
I'm standing
I'm still standing

Cause if I move
I move
I cause movement
I stay
I can

I'd feel
I would have
I do have

I won't fall
I will stand still
Like a mountain
You won't move me
I will look deep inside
I will express my beauty

You will see me standing
You will feel my movement
You will know my feelings
When you stand
When you stay
When you feel
My beauty

By Ken Carlson

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The Poet's Way

I've found a home. It's called The Poet's Way. You can join us as we are scheduling retreats for the rest of 2012 in Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Asheville, and Minneapolis.

The Poet's Way is life changing. We believe that there is a better way to live. We believe that life is meant to be lived at a deeper level of meaning. At a deeper level of resonance. We believe that people come alive when they live authentically, creatively, and expressively. We use poetry spoken out loud as a way to tap into that deeper meaning--to unleash our true selves onto the world. We want to live lives of purpose and bring you along on the journey. You don't have to call yourself a poet to come along--although we believe EVERYONE is a poet. 

The Poet's Way Website

The Poet's Way Facebook Page

FROM THE BLOG: Just BE-ing Is So Damn Boring

These are the words of my client. All this "BE-ing" stuff is just so boring.

She's trying so hard. Trying to learn how to "BE." I must be doing something wrong, she thinks, because it's so much work to get there and when she does—it's just plain boring. Why bother?

Here's a truth. If you are struggling—it isn't being. 

Maybe you've had this issue. Your friends—your neighbors—your co-workers suggest to you that life isn't about the DOING—it's about the BEING. So you try. You decide to embrace this new way of life.  You take yoga or qigong classes and learn what it is like to be totally present with your body. You go on silent retreats to discover what being with your own thoughts will bring you. You meditate in the morning—every day—in order to center yourself and experience your day from a place of fullness and presence.

And this is exactly what many of us need to incorporate BE-ing into our lives. Some of us though—don't see the point. We struggle to quiet ourselves and then find no value once we are there. What's wrong with this picture? Read More>>


What is it that your really want for your own life?

You're ambitious.
You're successful.
It seems you have a pretty good life.
You know though--that everything isn't what it seems.
Move from success to significance.

We tend to do the same things over and over again in our lives expecting different results. We chase the dreams of our 20s only to find in our 40s that none of those things really mattered. What we really wanted was a life of joy. A life of friendship. A life of adventure. 

Instead, we find ourselves living for someone else's idea of a perfect life.

Authentic Development coaching is all about living a life of meaning--no matter what stage of life we are in.

Coaching changes lives.   Learn more...

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