The vow that binds too tightly, snaps itself - Alfred, Lord Tennyson

My Vow

Once I held on tight
Gripped it with all I had
It was my vow
My promise
To God
To the world

It sustained me
Kept me going
Gave me purpose
Helped me know
I was on the right track

It proved my love
It proved my perseverance
I was going to hold on
No matter what

Unlike all those other people
The men and women
Caught in their chaotic lives
No attention to vows
No promises to God

As it turned out
I was the fool
To trust in a vow
Instead of a person

I discovered
As my vows lay in shambles
That I can't know
Can't be sure
That I'm on the right track
I discovered that
Love can't be proven
Only demonstrated

I discovered
It's beauty
Mysterious beauty
That really sustains me
And I definitely can't control that!

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I listened to the coverage on the radio, read the newspapers, and scoured the internet. I was struck over and over by tremendous emotion that people were feeling about the event. The jubilation in knowing he's dead and in some cases joy that brought grown men to tears. What is it about one man that could create such powerful reactions. I won't pretend to know the depth and breadth of it all but I do have some ideas about it.  Read More Here

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