"I don't know that I believe in the supernatural, but I do believe in miracles, and our time together was filled with the events of magical unlikelihood. "
~John Perry Barlow


I pause today
to let my being explore
and lead me
I let my mind wonder
observing the random paths
I notice the atmosphere
of happiness
It rings and jumps
like music
Colorful, sweet, happy

~ Stas Burdan August 2012

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Ass Kicking Life Planning 

3 Day/2 Night Retreats

It’s time. Time to take the progress that you have made and put a plan together. You and I both know it requires focused ass kicking. You want it. You have been asking for it. The time is now to go for it. One on one time with a coach will provide you with what you need to walk away with a plan of action that you resonate with deeply and will implement daily.  

You may have guessed that the work that I do is my life. I love it at the core of who I am and want nothing more than a deeply “alive” life for my clients and for the world. There will be a full 3-day schedule of coaching, planning, playing in nature, and customized activities that specifically will enhance the ass-kicking process.

Do you want to flip your life on it's head and make an impact on the world? Do you want to walk away from three days of intensive coaching with a plan of action for the next stage of your life? Scheduling for the fall is now starting. Contact me at ken@authenticdevelopment.com right now. 

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FROM THE BLOG: Magic is Real

I picked up the phone. I had been thinking about my friend for most of the day. We hadn't talked in a couple months and I knew there was a lot of transition going on in his life. I wanted to check in. The phone rang and he picked up on the first ring. Just prior to my call he had clicked on an email folder that he had set up from my company. Today was not such a good day for him. Today was one of those days that you can never be prepared for. I didn't know why he was on my heart today. Now I know.

I just graduated from a 10-month intensive leadership program that seemed an impossibility a year ago. I knew I had to go the minute I heard about it. So, I signed up, I took the leap. Four weeks later, my financial situation crumbled beneath my feet. I knew I was meant to go but I had zero funds. Then I asked for help. Within 3 weeks of asking for over $13,000 I had all the money. I was stunned. 

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What is it that your really want for your own life?

You make it happen.
You're successful.
You have a pretty good life.
You should be thankful.
You want something more though.
You want to move from success to significance.

We've all been there. I've been there. We chase the dreams of our 20s only to find in our 40s that what really mattered to us was something different. There is no judgement here. It's part of the journey we all need to take. Now is the time though. Time to live from here on out a life that excites us. A life of friendship. A life of adventure. 

Authentic Development coaching is all about living a life of meaning--no matter what stage of life we are in.

Coaching changes us because a coach and a client create together a path that resonates so deeply with us that we can't help but live it with passion. Schedule a sample session today. Even this simple step of trying something new will bring change in your life.  Learn more...

Learn more about how Authentic Development can help you and your team come alive.

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