"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
~Omar Khayy'am

Auspicious (Giving or being a sign of future success) Betrayal

They called her names
They ganged up on her
They broke their promises
They hung her out to dry
It was an auspicious betrayal

He packed his bags
He left no note
He ignored his responsibility
To the kids
To his wife
It was an auspicious betrayal

She cried as she began
She was breaking his heart
The baby wasn't his
She was leaving him
It was an auspicious betrayal

They didn't mean it for good
He knew how selfish he really was
She knew it wasn't deserved
It was done anyway
It was auspicious betrayal

After the betrayal
They didn't realize
She would discover
She was worthy

After the betrayal
He didn't realize
The kids would know
His wife would know
That they were strong

After the betrayal
She didn't realize
He would find freedom
He would find his authenticity
He would find his true life

It was an auspicious betrayal

~by Ken Carlson April 2012

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The Poet's Way Retreat Testimonials

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FROM THE BLOG: My Life Is Unfolding Perfectly

So, I've seen my share of tough times. So have my friends. My clients.

I've made my share of unwise choices. Choices that brought consequences that no one would wish for—ever. So have my friends. My clients.

I've experienced my share of betrayal, infliction of pain, and just plain irresponsibility at the hands of those that had power to do so with me. Parents. Family. Lovers. Friends. Bosses. Co-workers. So have my friends. My clients.

With that said, I don't sit in a place of naivety or even a place of denial when I ask myself or I ask my clients to sit with this one idea, a mantra of sorts:

"My life is unfolding perfectly"

They rebel—just like I do—just like I did.

But I hold on. I repeat it. Over and over.

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What is it that your really want for your own life?

You make it happen.
You're successful.
You have a pretty good life.
You should be thankful.
You want something more though.
You want to move from success to significance.

We've all been there. I've been there. We chase the dreams of our 20s only to find in our 40s that what really mattered to us was something different. There is no judgement here. It's part of the journey we all need to take. Now is the time though. Time to live from here on out a life that excites us. A life of friendship. A life of adventure. 

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