"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway"    John Wayne

What if?

What if?
What if your heart’s desire…
That thing you want the most in your life.
That dream you wish for.
That hope for the future.

What if it’s only available to you…
If you enter into your deepest fear?

If you let go of the rope
Jump off the cliff
Give up control
Have that conversation
Meet face to face with your fear
Only then will you know
You will be OK
You are valuable
You are whole
You are a gift to the world

With your dream
Or without

What if?

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From the Blog: Saddle Up

I went on a brewery tour last week and I learned that even (or especially) the most successful people are terrified of failure.

First, a story: I love beer.

My love affair with beer began on a business trip to Germany, I found every pub had their own beer and it was downright amazing. They even drink beer with their breakfast—how cool is that? Also, I had some wonderful friends and co-workers that introduced me to micro-brews that reinforced the idea that there was such a thing as great beer.

Since then, those that know me—know I love beer—and only good beer! So my buddy got me a tickets to the New Glarus Brewery tour and we headed up there last Friday.
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