Take your life into your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame
~Erica Jong

Living Proof

I am proof
Living proof
That dreams come true
That the universe is for me
That love wins
That relationships are ALL that matter
And in the end

If I told you
You would stand in awe
Mouth agape
Eyes lit up
If I told you
The truth
The truth about me
And what I've experienced
In the last 100 days

When I described to you
Tales of love
From the universe
From the closest of friends
From family far and wide
You would wonder
What do you have to do? 
To experience love like that?
To know 
Without a doubt
That the universe is for you
That love wins

It starts with this
Letting go
Asking for help
Entering into what is being arranged for you
Instead of figuring it out
Instead of forcing life
You experience it

by Ken Carlson 

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Authentic Autumn

Authentic Development's 
9-Workshop Series at Lucky Monk in South Barrington, IL

Come join us for any or all workshops this fall! Authentic Autumn is a series of workshops on living your life to the absolute fullest.

Workshops will be held on most Thursdays from September to December from 11:30PM-1:00PM

Details below and on the website:

September 15th
Why Authenticity?

September 29th
The Power of Choice

October 6th 
The (not-so) SECRET

October 20th
Making Friends With Failure

October 27th
Coming Out! Of Our Closets

November 3rd
Your Bullshit Stories Are Keeping You Down

November 10th
Creating Your Own Hell: Riding the Triangle

November 17th
Your View is Your Reality: Perspective Shifting 101

December 1st
Embracing the Mystery of the Season

Details Here!

From the Blog: You Life Story is Made Up!

I know, I know…you were there and I wasn't so how can I say that your stories are made up. Easy. All of our stories are made up. 

I'm not saying the facts or details aren't true—I'm just saying that when you tell yourself that story today—YOU make up the meaning and give it the power to influence your life. Someone else who went through the exact experience might have a completely different story. 

Let me illustrate. So the biggest story of my life got flipped on its head recently.  I come from a big family. I have a total of eight siblings. However, when I was five years old, my parents divorced and my mother quickly remarried and moved to Germany with her new husband. I was one of the youngest and was raised by my father and stepmother with almost no contact with my mother. 

So my story went something like this: "My life was ruined when my mom left me." I believed that I was abandoned by the one person that I needed most in the world. This story had HUGE consequences on how I showed up in the world—both good and bad.

Read More>>

How's That Working For You?

You're ambitious.
You're successful.
It seems you have a pretty good life.
You know though--that everything isn't what it seems.

We tend to do the same things over and over again in our lives expecting different results. We chase the dreams of our 20s only to find in our 40s that none of those things really mattered. What we really wanted was a life of joy. A life of friendship. A life of adventure. 

Instead, we find ourselves living for someone else's idea of a perfect life.

Try coaching.

Coaching changes lives. Coaching will bring you new discoveries. Coaching works! Give us a call or drop us a line. We'd like to provide a kick-ass, fighting for your heart, no holds barred coaching session. We guarantee that you will be called to action on something critical in your life and that call will come directly from inside you.  Learn more...

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