“The only reason to give a speech is the change the world." ~JFK

We Want to Hear Your Speech

You are about to go onstage. You have an audience of 25,000 people waiting to hear what you have to say. They've paid to see you--there is even a crowd outside hoping to get in. You are watching the minutes tick down. Your hands are clammy. Your heart is racing and your stomach is twisting.

You get up and stand tall. Your speech is prepared and you know the anxiety is worth it. Your voice MUST be heard.

Can you articulate what your heart wants the world to know? What you want the world to feel?

This. This is what you are here for. 

Life begins when you open up your heart and start sharing this message. Every day.

No more excuses because I don't believe them. You have everything you need.

“The choice is yours. You can hold the shape of a consoling lifestyle for decades. It only costs your life.”  David Deida

My dream speech starts at the Super Bowl half-time show—the moment after Bruno Mars et.al. step off the stage with "Believe in Love" in the background. My speech tells us how--gives us the tools to begin making love the center of all that we do. 

I can’t wait to share it with the world. I’ve signed up for the journey. How about you? Tell me about your vision—tell me about your true voice.



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True Love

I believe in love.

Love that serves the human in front of us—no matter their beliefs.
Love that listens, really listens because sometimes you can’t tell the difference between love and listening.
Love that allows all voices, even or especially those with whom I disagree.

I believe in love.

Love that often stays when conversations get hard.
Love that sometimes leaves when conversations get hard.
Love that does what is best for the object of its love.

I believe in love.

But I’m done hearing about how love is the answer while we still teach hate. 
We still teach fear.
We teach jealously.
We teach dysfunction.

Let’s teach love.
Not just the feelings.
The actions.

Invest in love.
Invest in learning truly how to love.
Invest in your best life.

By Ken Carlson

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Real Life, Real People, Real Conversations 

I made it! I'm in Guatemala for four weeks. I'm living with a family and as you can see, the youngest daughter is my new amiga. I'm here learning Spanish, working, and of course I'm having some fun!

I believe that learning how to truly love begins with real conversations and I'd love to have one with you. To set it up, even while I am in Guatemala,  r
eply to ken@authenticdevelopment.com, call 847-873-9559 or just make an appointment at https://authenticdev.youcanbook.me/ to get started. The link is always up to date.

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