“Ocean in the view. Oh, the joy!” 
William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Crossing the Continental Divide

Nearly two weeks ago, I left Chicago behind. I had lived there for 27 years so this was no small move. The sun, the ocean, and the hills of California called me as they’ve been calling me for years. I finally packed up my car and started the journey west.

On my journey, I spent time with family and friends and slowly worked my way west. Last week, I arrived at my destination—Southern California. The journey was an adventure to remember for a lifetime—the chance to see America in a new way—but one moment from my journey stands out: the Continental Divide at Independence Pass.

In the US, the continental divide is a geologic feature—a line down the middle of the rockies—where all water on one side of the line flows into the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side it flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Metaphorically, in our lives, a continental divide is the moment where, when you cross it, everything goes in a new direction.

We’ve all had these moments—the day you sign the lease on your first apartment, when you cross the threshold of your first job and start making your own money, getting on a knee and asking your love to marry you, saying yes to said question, quitting the job that is sucking your soul, getting on that plane to travel internationally for the first time, starting your own company, signing your name for 30 minutes to own your first home, and the list goes on and on. These are the moments where we have understandable fear but we move ahead anyway. We don’t know exactly what is on the other side but we move forward boldly.

As I approached the continental divide this past week, I noticed that some of its features also seem to coincide with this metaphorical divide....click here! to keep reading

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Deep Dive in the Sun with Ken

Being outside matters. Being in motion matters. 
Co-creating together with someone you trust matters. 
Your best life matters
That’s what this is about.

Now that I’ve moved to California, I want to take advantage of the geography of California and offer you a chance to crack the nut you’ve really wanted to crack, to spend some focused time away from your everyday life, to truly partner with a coach in a beautiful place.

Everyone is different and I can customize a program just for you. Here is where we bring the topic you need to work on the most, the stubborn one, the one that has kept you from taking the big steps you want for yourself. 

Detailed information including potential agenda, activities, location and pricing can be found by clicking here: Deep Dive

Partnering With You

Coaching is a partnership. There is nothing like spending time with someone you trust with a focus on you. In this circumstance, change is inevitable. Most of us have no one in our lives with whom we can be truly honest. Most of us understand the biggest thing keeping us from crossing our own continental divide is ourselves--our own internal voices. We say we don't have time but the reality is we don't make time to grow ourselves, to build our self-awareness, self-belief, and self-responsibility. I'd love to partner with you on just that.

Most of my clients report this no man's land between their normal self and the self of their future. It's unsettling because we've spent our lives solving our survival and love needs one way and for the most part it works. Until it doesn't. 

It's worth it. The aliveness that comes from focusing on you. This more authentic version of you. It truly is why I do what I do--to be with others in the middle of this journey.

I'm in the business of real conversations and I'd love to have one with you. Please reach out if you would like to talk about this or anything at all!

To set it up,  r
eply to ken@authenticdevelopment.com, call 847-873-9559 or just make an appointment at https://authenticdev.youcanbook.me/ to get started. The link is always up to date.

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