“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny." ~Ghandi

Life is Not a Movie

I woke up confused and laughing. My thrilling dream ended with a bunch of my friends trying to drink milk while lying on their backs. Huh? No resolution to the dream. No idea why everyone chose that moment to lie down and drink milk. 

If my dream had been a movie, I would have walked out of the theatre. There was just no making sense of it.

Isn’t that just like my life. If my life was a movie, it would get sent back to script writing over and over again. I was looking at my vision board for 2015 and the realization hit me even harder. I had many plans for 2015 that either just didn’t happen or actually the opposite occurred. 

I’m scratching my head at the reality. I was going to run a Half-Ironman in another country last year. Nope. I was gonna get a promotion at work. Nope. I was gonna teach leadership in Spanish. Nope. Instead, the company I was working for went out of business; their biggest client in upheaval. I ran less than I ever have. I didn’t swim once. And my Spanish skills took a nose-dive.

I suspect your 2015 was much the same. Things came up. Some important things didn’t happen. 

So why did I do it again for 2016? Why did I sit down and spend an evening setting intentions, cutting out magazine photos, and building another vision board that I know will not work out as planned?

It’s simple: Our lives move in the direction of our thoughts. 
It’s about the direction of my heart. The direction of my life. It’s about the other half of things on that 2015 vision board that actually did happen like biking Europe, getting coach certified, falling more deeply in love, and creating other new adventures.   It pointed to what I really wanted more of in this life. It got me dreaming (consciously) about what I truly was committed to. 

Will you join me? Will you do a vision board for 2016?

We’re 3 weeks into the month of January so now is the time to carve out a block a time either by yourself or with your closest loved ones. Find a bunch of magazines, ad circulars, newspapers, and photos. Cut out anything that resonates—that makes your heart jump—that makes you think—YES! Then take some blank pieces of paper and write words or descriptions of the things you are intending for 2016; any specific hopes and dreams you have. You can write them big or small. Once you are done—take another look and decide what is going on the board and what isn’t—then do it.

Be creative. Be messy. It doesn’t matter. Place it somewhere where you will see it regularly. Take a picture of it on your phone. Send me a photo! I’d love to see it!



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The Lottery

Life will be better
When I win the lottery

This is the big moment you are waiting for?
A one in a ka-drillion chance
To hit the big one?
This is your solution?
Your choice?

In the meantime
You live
You wake
You eat
You work
You watch TV
You sleep

The life you wish for
That adventure
That mysterious ball of goodness
Sits waiting
While you wait
And be NO ONE—at least not the person you want to be

The life you want is available
No money required
Just courage
Effort to overcome your fears

You have everything you need
Right now
Go inside
Investigate you
Take a risk
Do what you must do
Be who you must be

By Ken Carlson

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Where's Waldo or What's Ken been up to? 

So, I packed my bags and hit the road on November 9th and I'm on a mission create a more virtual career. Notice, that I strategically chose the coldest months of the year to leave Chicago. I began my adventure in DC and now I'm in Florida for a few weeks. Next is Arizona before I head to Guatemala for 4-weeks of Spanish immersion. I'll then spend the rest of the spring in Southern California. I'd love to hear from you on my journey.

I’m still working full-time, coaching and training but please forgive me for the warm weather I’ll be enjoying. If you hear waves in the distance, I’ve probably been working on my surfing skills.

I've also been investing in my credentials. I’m now certified by both the Coaches Training Institute as a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (CPCC) and the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). What that means basically is that what I have been doing for the last 8 years now has some l cool etters behind it. It also means that I've added coach certification mentoring to my coaching programs.

I'm also adding training to my coaching offerings. Look for virtual training and in-person training in Southern California and back in Chicago. Finally, I'm excited to get certified to train Situational Leadership II by the Ken Blanchard Company. Situational Leadership II brings leadership in organizations down to one simple idea--you choose your leadership style based on what your associates need. Simple but revolutionary.

If I can help you on your journey or you just want to have a chat, please don't hesitate to set up an appointment with me. 
Reply to ken@authenticdevelopment.com, call 847-873-9559 or just make an appointment at https://authenticdev.youcanbook.me/ to get started. 

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