“You have everything you need to be extraordinarily happy right now, in this moment ”   ~Shirzad Chamine

Letting Go of the Lie

I will be happy when fill in the blank. 

Everyone has their answer. Some of us are run by it more than others but we all have a version of this in our heads. 

I will be happy when I have enough money in the bank to pay for college.
I will be happy when I live in a warm climate.
I will be happy when I am closer to my family.
I will be happy when I have a life partner.
I will be happy when I no longer have my current life partner.
I will be happy when I feel safe.
I will be happy when _______________.

What's your _____________? I can tell you that when I went to a talk last summer and the speaker asked this question, my initial response was--hmmm, I'm good. I'm happy now. I know (with my head) that there is nothing that can make me happy except myself. He pushed us a little more. If the answer to this question has been driving your life since you were a kid--what would it be? What have I been putting my emotional energy towards? What in your life have you been using to make yourself happy--at least historically--if not in this moment?

I then stepped back and looked at my life. Since I was a teenager I had made finding and keeping a woman in my life my highest priority. Not just finding one and keeping one, but feeling "in love" all the time with a woman had been my highest emotional priority.

This thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I found my (fill in the blank).

I will be happy when a woman finally loves me. Really loves me.

How insidious. This lie. It's actually a two-part lie. 

1. Inside it is a belief that another person could actually make me happy.
2. It also assumes that I can't be happy now. 

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The Lottery

Life will be better
When I win the lottery 

This is the big moment you are waiting for?
A one in a ka-drillion chance
To hit the big one?
This is your solution?
Your choice?

In the meantime
You live
You wake
You eat
You work
You watch TV
You sleep

The life you wish for
That adventure
That mysterious ball of goodness
Sits waiting  

The life you want is available
No money required

Just courage
Effort to overcome your fears
You have everything you need

Right now
Go inside
Investigate you
Take a risk
Do what you must do
Be who you must be

by Ken Carlson

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