“Be thirsty heart, seek forever without rest. Let THIS soundless longing hidden deep inside you be the source of every word you say. ” ~Rumi  

Your Crucible = Your Best Life

"I thought life would be more than this."

My friend was being real. Life slowly went into the shitter and every path out of it seems unlikely to succeed PLUS trying to get out actually seems to be more painful than where he is right now. So he stays right there--for years.

Don't get me wrong. Life from the outside looks pretty hunky dory. Good job. Kids. Wife. Home in the burbs. The american dream. He knows the truth though. And so do you.

You get it. You've been there. I've been there. We've all been there. Sometimes you wake up to one or a combination of these thoughts: 

"What is the purpose of this life? Why am I doing this job? Do I love my spouse? Does she love me? My children hate me. Do I matter? Do I have what it takes? Do they like me? Why don't I have kids yet? Will I ever find peace? Why did he leave me? Who am I? "

These aren't just passing thoughts. They consume us. They take over our brains and impact our bodies. My friend reports stress, illness, and basically daily dread.

Here's the thing though, this is the moment of your life.

This is the crucible. This is where you can become the person you want to become. This is the wake up call for your one and only life. It is here that life can finally turn a corner because now your SOUL has your attention.


It's hard. It seems impossible. You will survive this. You, however, are done with simply surving. Survival is the old way. Now it's time for something better. Somewhere here there is the most courageous version of you. The world needs that version of you. Really!

So conjure up your most brave self. Stand up tall. Ask your soul one question: "Assuming I chose this moment, what would I choose right now?  

Do it. Choose your life.

I'd love to hear what you chose,


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No Regrets

by Ken Carlson

I stood on the edge
I looked down in fear
I felt the wind
Whipping all around

I looked for a way out
Another way to cross
Even contemplated going back
Without taking the risk

But then I walked
Took one step
Then two
And made it across

Oh, what I could have missed
If I had turned back
If I had given in to fear

I would have missed
Indescribably beauty
Abounding joy
Unrivaled memories
That can never go away

by Ken Carlson

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