“We have two lives: the life we learn with, and the life we live with after that."
~Bernard Malamud (Writer of The Natural)

My Vision for the World

I long for a world
Where beauty overrides business
Where cyclists ride for the fun of it
Where nations don't need to exist
Because we are all one tribe

I long for a world
Where fathers don't leave their children
Where mothers remain sane
Where siblings protect siblings
Because they are one family

I long for a world
Where humans can be humans
Where perfection isn't idolized
Where failure is celebrated
Because wisdom has always made this clear

I long for a world
Without pretending
Without deception
Without lies
Because these are the root of hatred

I long for a world
Vulnerable about ourselves
Comfortable in our lack of control
And Authentic to the core
Because this is the root of love

~by Ken Carlson

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Your Most Important Relationships

We know Valentine's Day is coming up and since many clients come to us for help with the most important relationships in their lives, we are offering two programs:

A Poem for my Honey--Virtual Workshop

This 60 minute virtual call will allow you to walk away with a poem that you write yourself for the one you love. It may be the best gift you could give and the skills you learn can be applied over and over again. Details here!

Valentine's Weekend Day of Play

It will be a day of engaging workshops and then an evening alone to process, relax, and simply BE with each other. It's going to be at a boutique hotel in Naperville with the opportunity to make a weekend of it by staying over either Friday and/or Saturday night. Details!

From the Blog: 

Six Lies Keeping Lance Armstrong (and You) from Happiness

I just watched Lance Armstrong confess to doing exactly what I was sure he had never done. 

As a teenager, I idolized professional bike racers. So, I got a road bike, rode all over Milwaukee County and I pictured myself riding the hills of France someday. So when Lance (who is only 16 days older than me)  won his first tour, I was hooked. I followed every tour, every stage, every interview. I believed him and defended him to anyone that would listen. Even as the evidence piled up, I'm sure I was one of the last to admit to myself that he probably cheated. He was my hero. He duped me. 

I'm not mad or even disappointed in him today. I'm sad for him and glad for him. Sad that he had to create such outlandish lies and hurt so many people that he cared about. Glad that he can finally enter his own authentic life. 

I see irony in the most common term for him these days: DISGRACED. It's ironic because I think for the first time in his life he is understanding what the word GRACE means. For the first time in his life, some people (even if only a few) are demonstrating care for him simply because they do. Sometimes it takes being "disgraced" to know who will be there no matter what.

If I am honest with myself—I want this level of "disgrace" to happen to all of us. We all tell lies and show a different face to the world than we truly are. Some of those lies become epic in the case of Lance Armstrong but for each of us we have our own (epic) stories we tell ourselves that keep us from experiencing the fullness of our lives. Six lies in particular come to mind: 

Lie #1: Life is a battle and I must fight with everything that I have to win at it. What drives us to fight? Lance said in his interview that he had only one response when he felt threatened—only one response when he felt like someone was infringing on his territory. He went on the attack. What if life isn't a battle? What if people aren't lined up on the other side to bring you down? What if the universe has good for you and you don't have to fight or win—you simply are meant to be you?

Read More>>

What is it that your really want in your relationships?

Your relationships define you.
They matter at your core.
You desire to be an amazing spouse.
You want to create healthy patterns in all your relationships.
You don't want to make the same mistakes from your past.

You want to be OK in your own skin. Every day.

We've all been there. I've been there. I've spent my life focused on relationships with many successes and failures along the way. 

Authentic Development coaching eventually gets down to authentic relationships. Authentic relationships with others and an authentic relationship with yourself. I ask you the questions and sit with you while we tackle the speed bumps in the way.

Coaching changes us because a coach and a client create together a path that resonates so deeply with us that we can't help but live it with passion. Schedule a sample session today. Even this simple step of trying something new will bring change in your life.  Learn more...

Learn more about how Authentic Development can help you and your team come alive.

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