Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. - Benjamin Disraeli

Is This Really What You Hoped For?

What were the dreams?
The adventures you were going to have?
When you were little?
When you believed it was possible?

Did it include the four walls
Of a cubicle?
Or driving in traffic
Two hours a day?
I doubt it

More likely
It included
Book writing

Or it included
Fire fighting
Life saving
People helping
Scientific discoveries

So here you are
In the midst
Of your one and only life

It's not easy
Making ends meet is hard enough
Dreaming seems ludicrous now
Certainly not practical

Here's a thought
Capture that sense of what you wanted
Think about it
For more than a minute

Incorporate it
Into today's life
Some way

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From the Blog: Stop Waiting For It

So, I was on vacation last week. Family vacation. We went to California and I re-discovered San Diego and we spent several days enjoying the sun in LA. We had some really fun times but the best day was when my wife took my daughter and friend shopping for the day while we were in La Jolla. I rented a road bike and spent the afternoon riding up the Pacific coast. I love to bike. I love the sun. I love the ocean. I love a long afternoon to myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Another thing I did on vacation was pick up a book called The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. My initial thought about this book was: “Who thinks that they can get all their work done in four hours a week? Who really thinks that they would still have a job if they tried to pull that off?” Those thoughts changed when I started reading.

 I was drawn into the book because it spoke truth right from the beginning about how most people that I know are experiencing their lives. A  couple of quotes:

 “I’m going to assume you are suffering from time famine, creeping dread, or –worst case—a tolerable and comfortable existence doing something unfulfilling. The last is most common and most insidious.”

“Let’s define laziness anew—to endure a non-ideal existence, to let circumstance or others decide life for you, to amass a fortune while passing through life like a spectator from an office window. The size of your bank account doesn't change this, nor does the number of hours that you log in handling unimportant email or minutia.” 

So it has me thinking. I know—dangerous right! <<>>

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