“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” 
~Joseph Campbell


while others are striving 

while others are competing

while others are stressing 

while others are fighting 

Let go 
while others are holding tight 

while others are marching in step 

while others are scheming 

See beauty 
while others see nothing 

while others do 

Live joyfully 
while others barely live

by Ken Carlson 

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Authentic Autumn

Authentic Development's 
9-Workshop Series at Lucky Monk in South Barrington, IL

Come join us for any or all workshops this fall! Authentic Autumn is a series of workshops on living your life to the absolute fullest.

Workshops will be held on most Thursdays from September to December from 11:30AM-1:00PM

October 20th

Making Friends With Failure: If you really want that life that you want...you must get to know failure. You must be willing to meet your own imperfection and keep walking towards your dreams.

October 27th

Coming Out! Of Our Closets: We are all hiding in some ways. What is available to us if we come out of our self-limiting closets?

November 3rd

Your Bullshit Stories Are Keeping You Down: Everyone of us makes up stories that become the "facts" about how life works. Let's explore what is available to us when we change our stories! 

November 10th

Creating Your Own Hell: Riding the Triangle: Victim, Rescuer, Villain: No matter what your starting point--we all ride the triangle of codependence to our detriment. Come learn how to GET OFF the triangle! 

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From the Blog: Experience Right Now

How are things? I mean really how are things? Today, in this moment?

If you are like most of us, you are waiting for something out in the future for things to be OK.  Are you waiting for your relationship with your spouse or partner to get better? Waiting for your kids to get out of the phase that they are in? Waiting for your slightly injured knee to improve?  

This is real stuff. Marriages are sometimes tough. Raising kids is tough. Our bodies seem to betray us when we need the stress relief of exercise the most. So what do we do? We push through it. We hear that voice inside our heads that tells us to "stop whining and get moving. Deal with it!" 

I'm here to offer a different perspective. There is so much to discover in those places of toughness—I wonder if we don't miss out on the living available to us by pushing through it. By coping. What if we stopped in those moments and asked the questions beneath the surface? What if we asked ourselves some whopper questions in the areas where we are waiting for things to get better and stayed with the questions long enough to experience ourselves and our lives? 
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How's That Working For You?

You're ambitious.
You're successful.
It seems you have a pretty good life.
You know though--that everything isn't what it seems.

We tend to do the same things over and over again in our lives expecting different results. We chase the dreams of our 20s only to find in our 40s that none of those things really mattered. What we really wanted was a life of joy. A life of friendship. A life of adventure. 

Instead, we find ourselves living for someone else's idea of a perfect life.

Try coaching.

Coaching changes lives. Coaching will bring you new discoveries. Coaching works! Give us a call or drop us a line. We'd like to provide a kick-ass, fighting for your heart, no holds barred coaching session. We guarantee that you will be called to action on something critical in your life and that call will come directly from inside you.  Learn more...

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