What My Christmas Past Teaches Me About My Christmas Future

Posted Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Day 1988.

Our whole family had gone to DC to celebrate Christmas. Although I was excited to see DC, I was upset because I was slated to miss the annual church youth group winter trip that started on the 26th.

I woke up on Christmas morning with a surprise gift. My dad had gotten me a plane ticket and a chance to be with my friends for the rest of the week. I was going back alone--ahead of the rest of the family--two flights--DC to Chicago and Chicago to Milwaukee.

I was in awe. All day.

I remember Christmas 1988 like it was yesterday. I saddled up next to that window and attempted to take it all in. Every light in the distance was a Christmas tree and my heart was full. My dad loved me. My dad trusted me. I was going to get to see my friends. The world was an amazing place. I was flying home on Christmas Day all by myself.

It's now December 2016 and I'm flying alone--DC to Chicago. I just said goodbye to much of the same family from that Christmas back in 1988. Today, however, there is no fanfare. No heart welled up with pride. No childlike wonder. But I am noticing myself. My experience has me thinking; what about that 17-year-old version of me do I want to bring back? What is still there? What do I need to drop?  Read More »

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