Authentic Christmas

Posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is an authentic Christmas? This question rolled around in my head as we planned meals and family time over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

As you may know, I am Swedish and I have a real love for my heritage. My kids enjoy the inclusion of the Swedish traditions—at least as it relates to the food. I started cooking Swedish meatballs for holiday meals and Swedish pancakes for holiday breakfasts a few years ago and we’ve really enjoyed it.

This year we did it a little different. I did make some pancakes and meatballs on Christmas Eve but Christmas day was strictly Mexican. My sister brought the Coronas and the Margaritas—and I made the monster enchiladas.

It’s true—I wish I was Latin American. I could eat a burrito, taco, tostada, fajita, or enchilada every day of the week and still want more. Luckily, my family loves it too—even if they are not quite as obsessed.

So an authentic Christmas for me doesn’t have to have grandma’s cookies and my grandfather’s lutefisk…just plenty of food and plenty of family. Kicking butt at scrabble helps too!

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