Experience Right Now

Posted Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How are things? I mean really how are things? Today, in this moment?

If you are like most of us, you are waiting for something out in the future for things to be OK.  Are you waiting for your relationship with your spouse or partner to get better? Waiting for your kids to get out of the phase that they are in? Waiting for your slightly injured knee to improve?  

This is real stuff. Marriages are sometimes tough. Raising kids is tough. Our bodies seem to betray us when we need the stress relief of exercise the most. So what do we do? We push through it. We hear that voice inside our heads that tells us to "stop whining and get moving. Deal with it!" 

I'm here to offer a different perspective. There is so much to discover in those places of toughness—I wonder if we don't miss out on the living available to us by pushing through it. By coping. What if we stopped in those moments and asked the questions beneath the surface? What if we asked ourselves some whopper questions in the areas where we are waiting for things to get better and stayed with the questions long enough to experience ourselves and our lives? 

In our primary relationships we might ask ourselves what I deserve in this relationship or what am I unwilling to suffer through anymore? What really makes me happy and what really makes me sad? 

What about teenagers? They are notoriously hard to be with and difficult to be in relationship with. We place so much focus on making sure that they are doing the right things that we don't stop to discover how WE are being in the midst of our parenting. What a beautiful opportunity to find out more about ourselves. What annoys us? What brings us joy? What does how I show up with this large child/little adult say about me and my life? 

As we think about our bodies and our attempt to keep ourselves fit, young looking, and healthy—there are questions that might serve us if we spend the time there. Questions like: What does it mean to get old? What am I no longer capable of in my body? What does my body need that I am too busy to give it right now? What exactly is my body telling me with this latest injury? 

Slow down. Stop. Look around. Experience what is present right now—in this moment! This is really the only moment you will ever get to live anyway. 

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