Holding Onto The Old Way

Posted Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I was at Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop for lunch today. Just doing what I often do: eating and people watching. In walks the YellowPages delivery guy. He hands a large bag with at least one YellowPages book to the cashier after he gets him to sign for it. The cashier in turn brings it to the manager who promptly throws it in the nearest garbage.

Last week, I walked into my office building and there is a YellowPages in front of every suite. Today, there they all sit. Not one book has been brought into an office. We are all  hoping they will just go away. We certainly don't need them.

In the city of Seattle, the producers of YellowPages and other directories are suing the city claiming first amendment rights because the city council passed a law that allows people to opt-out of delivery. This alone will save the city $350k in recycling costs. Wow!

This is the power of inertia. Everyone with any objectivity will notice the colossal waste of time and money being spent to produce and deliver this guide that few need in the world of the internet. Seriously, when was the last time you looked something up in your yellow pages?

Now for the hard truth: this disease of inertia affects me and my life. I swear that 95% of the decisions that I make daily are simply because that is how I've done it before and the filter of "does this make sense" is rarely used.

So here is the opportunity available to me and to you.

Slow down. Give that inertia a kick in the butt. Stop if you have to. Look at life objectively. Ask some dangerous questions starting with: What do I really want?

I personally want a flourishingly full life. I want to learn how to just be. I want to love and be loved deeply by family and friends. I want to make a significant impact on my world.

I'm not really sure how I'm going to do/be all those things but I'm going to start by looking for new experiences. I'm going to say yes where I used to say no and say no in places I always said yes.

One of my friends recently suggested sitting in a different spot at the dinner table or ordering a different drink at Starbucks.

Who knows what will happen if I just mix it up? Maybe nothing. Maybe something new!

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