I Don't Have Any Answers

Posted Monday, March 21, 2011

Some potential clients come to me because they think I have the career, business, or life advice that will get them to where they need to go. I’m sure I’ve left several people dismayed when I share with them that I don’t have any specific advice for them. My approach is to ask them questions and help them piece together their own ideas about what it is that they want for themselves.

There is a reason why I don't have any answers.

Just the idea that I could know the answer for how to live your life is ludicrous.

However, the world is selling with full force the idea that answers are available to you. Look at any magazine, blog, bookstore, newspaper, online business or career site and someone has the 5 steps, 10 steps, or “easy as 1,2,3” list that will change your life. Look at your own book collection full of “shelf help.”

Really? Does this work? Do lives really change because you read a book or followed the steps? I think not—at least not with people that I know.

I believe that people change because they know something at their core and they have the commitment and relationships to turn it into action.

So here is my one step plan for everyone—including me.

1. Stop looking for a plan and enter the mystery of life!

There is no silver bullet that will have any lasting effect on your life. You know this yet you continue to seek it out. There are the “answers” we tell ourselves to our so called problems with food, exercise, family time, stress, friendships.

1. I just need to be more disciplined
2. I need to be more organized
3. I’ll do the Atkins diet
4. I should wake up early
5. I need to get more massages
6. I need to eat better
7. I need to leave work earlier
8. I need to read more spiritual books
9. I need to call my Dad every week
10. And on and on

But we don’t do it. We look back one year and everything is the same and the one day seminar on stress had great ideas but didn’t last. If you can’t be ok with who you are today—you’ll have trouble being OK with whoever you—no matter when.

So, try this: Enter the mystery of life. I don’t have any idea what your day has for you today. Neither do you. Notice it. Experience it. Embrace what it is giving you.

Have you ever had a day that went exactly as planned? Do you really have any control over your own thoughts, words, actions—much less control over those around you? How about enjoying what the universe gives you. In this moment! Wouldn’t that be cool if you could?

When you contemplate what you want for yourself—choose that one moment at a time.

 Be OK with you right now. True leadership and true life will flow out of that place.

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