Magic is Real

Posted Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I picked up the phone. I had been thinking about my friend for most of the day. We hadn't talked in a couple months and I knew there was a lot of transition going on in his life. I wanted to check in. The phone rang and he picked up on the first ring. Just prior to my call he had clicked on an email folder that he had set up from my company. Today was not such a good day for him. Today was one of those days that you can never be prepared for. I didn't know why he was on my heart today. Now I know.

I just graduated from a 10-month intensive leadership program that seemed an impossibility a year ago. I knew I had to go the minute I heard about it. So, I signed up, I took the leap. Four weeks later, my financial situation crumbled beneath my feet. I knew I was meant to go but I had zero funds. Then I asked for help. Within 3 weeks of asking for over $13,000 I had all the money. I was stunned.

There's more.

I made a list of exactly what I deserved in a woman. Not a short list. I showed it to my therapist. He loved the list but offered cautiously—"It's a good list, but this woman doesn't exist." Less than 30 days later, I walked into a bar and met her. Not only does she match my list—she loves Lord of the Rings, has completed a marathon, and fills 90% of the other "wouldn't that be awesome" characteristics of a partner. Today, we're dating but knowing she exists is good enough for me to believe in magic.

I could go on an on. There is magic in the world. There is something real beyond what we can touch, see, smell, hear, or taste.

I'm not going to pretend to know what it is. I am however going to access this power. I'm going to live in a place of reality. The reality of magic.

  • Here, I expect that the universe wants good for me. 
  • Here, I trust that what is occurring right now has value and offers me something to learn. 
  • Here, I wait and seek the opportunity to act in concert with what is most needed. 
  • Here, I think carefully about what is important to me and I'm clear for myself what I want to affect and what I want to be affected by. 

Living in the midst of magic is sort of like playing jazz. There is no "right" way to play but certainly some stuff sounds better than others. It's not a solo pursuit either. It requires playing off what the world wants, what is available in the space we're in, what the other musicians are playing, and what my own talents are capable of adding to the mix.

Soooo, my challenge this week to you is to play some jazz. Pick up the instrument of your life and create something for others to play off of. Or listen carefully to those around you and play something that adds harmony, rhythm, syncopation, or even dissonance if that is what you intend!

See what happens.

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