My Life Is Unfolding Perfectly

Posted Thursday, August 30, 2012

So, I've seen my share of tough times. So have my friends. My clients.

I've made my share of unwise choices. Choices that brought consequences that no one would wish for—ever. So have my friends. My clients.

I've experienced my share of betrayal, infliction of pain, and just plain irresponsibility at the hands of those that had power to do so with me. Parents. Family. Lovers. Friends. Bosses. Co-workers. So have my friends. My clients.

With that said, I don't sit in a place of naivety or even a place of denial when I ask myself or I ask my clients to sit with this one idea, a mantra of sorts:

"My life is unfolding perfectly"

They rebel—just like I do—just like I did.

But I hold on. I repeat it. Over and over. "My life is unfolding perfectly"

Wondering if it might be true. Wondering if it's possible that all that has occurred and is occurring in my life is simply an unfolding of perfection.

This is a long way from a place of victimhood. It's a long way from believing that there are bad things being done to me left and right.

I'm not asking myself, my clients, or even you to live in a world of rose colored glasses—where everything is perfect. There is far too much pain flitting about for me to consider that. I do however, ask you to embrace the moment in front of you. The moment right now that you have to live. It is really the only moment that exists—EVER—this moment. My strategy for truly embracing this moment (especially during those painful ones) is to repeat the mantra: "my life is unfolding perfectly" and see what happens.

I've found so much peace in those moments—so much better than the battle to avoid change or to eliminate pain. I was in an argument just the other night. One in which the old me would have moved to fear of abandonment and attempted pretty quickly to either avoid the fight or certainly calm it down by sharing less than my full truth. Instead, I chose a different path. I chose to stay in it. I chose to repeat my mantra and learn the valuable lessons that I assumed were only available by experiencing my emotions and clearly articulating my truth. I was not disappointed.

It's the same for you. The same for my clients. Sit with this mantra. It may or may not be "true." It doesn't matter. What matters is that it's a tool that you can use to notice yourself, To see what changes when you look at life from a different place.

Try it. If only for a day. Better yet—a week. Write it on a post-it note. Put it on your computer. Look at it. Notice what happens.

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