Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Imagine you in your home, winding down from a long day and the door bell rings. You open the door and there is a solitary unicorn standing there. You are understandably surprised. You are shocked when the unicorn starts speaking to you and in english says, "Get on! Let's go for a ride!"  

What's your response? Of course you are going to get on the unicorn. You are either in a dream or it's a chance of a lifetime—so no matter what—you are going to go for a ride. 

Is there anything magical in your life? Anything that has you in awe? Is there anywhere in your life where you experience unbridled joy?

Little babies are like this. Their parents bring them into a room and pretty soon everyone is gawking and cooing and just trying to get a glimpse of this life. I don't know about you but no one responds to me that way when I walk into a room. Is there any less wonder in this 40-year old package than in that baby over there?

The answer of course is yes…and no. The wonder in this package is far less obvious with 40 years of training to stay safe and look good and certainly never appear weak.

Reality is, safety is just an illusion, how I look to others has much more to do with them than me and sometimes being weak is simply a function of my human-ness.

The past 16 months for me have been the most magical of my life. The gifts the universe has given me no longer surprise me although they do continually keep me thankful. 

I think the magic comes when you ask for it. When you clearly tell the universe what you want. It's magic though—so you don't know exactly what the answer is going to be.

I like to call this: RIDING THE UNICORN

Life is like that. Sometimes life shows us glimpses of magic and sometimes it knocks us over the head. Are you paying attention enough to notice the unicorns? Will you ride it if you can?

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