Posted Friday, January 15, 2010

Not that long ago, I worked in the heart of corporate America; in the Chicago suburbs, at a Fortune 500 company, in middle management, in a cubicle. It doesn’t get more stereotypical. I was a real-life Michael Scott.

Those of you who live it everyday know that email is what begins and ends our days (sort of like the rising and setting of the sun—without the outrageous beauty.)

One morning, an email came in that just burned me up. It was a motivational poem that basically said that we should all keep our nose to the grindstone, that the reward is in the doing, and it will all be worth it in the end. Just work harder, better, and smarter than your competition. I picture Henry V telling the troops, “once more into the breach,” but somehow applying that passion towards our work.

So I took the poem and turned it on its head. The text is below:

Rest by Ken Carlson

Rest while others are striving

Sleep while others are competing

Relax while others are stressing

Love while others are fighting

Let go while others are holding tight

Dream while others are marching in step

Hope while others are scheming

See beauty while others see nothing

Be while others do

Live joyfully while others barely live My thought is that people need a message of slowing down…not a message of hurrying up. Give it a shot.

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