Surrendering to Imperfection

Posted Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things are rarely as they seem.

As I looked across the table from this amazing woman just a few days ago—that is the thought that kept knocking around in my head. Her co-workers surely believe that she is on top of things and her supervisors definitely think so as they promote her again and again. There is no doubt that she makes an impact. No doubt that she is worth every penny they are paying her.

On the flip side though—the stuff that matters to her. The stuff for which she would give up her salary and lifestyle to make safe and get in order—is far from perfect. How do we get here? How do we end the insanity.

She offered her strategy during this time—her strategy is to "surrender to imperfection."

Hmmm! That's awesome!

Sorta like the opposite of Lexus' "The relentless pursuit of perfection." 

We are impressed with perfection. We are impressed with relentlessness. We are especially impressed when the odds are against the hero and they go for it anyway.We want to know people like that.

We want to BE like that.

So we do it. We go after perfection in our lives. We are going to be perfect parents. We are going to be the most amazing employee. We are going to be a great son or daughter. We are going to be there until the world ends for our significant other.

One problem though…we aren't perfect. The expression "only human" exists for good reason. We fail. We make mistakes. We screw up as parents, employees, kids, and especially with our closest relationships.

Here's a new thought…or at least new for me. How about surrendering to imperfection? Owning it. Investigating it. Exploring our own fullness. What if we lived out of that place? Doing our best in the midst of knowing that we may fail. What if we looked at our day as a way to discover our own imperfections? Not with judgement…but with wonder. With the excitement of knowing that we can grow our love towards each other in the process. 

So here's who I want to be: me…and the best, most amazing version of myself that's possible. Will you join me on this quest?

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