Unhinged or Unclipped?

Posted Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do you ever feel unhinged? It's an interesting expression isn't it? It's about being unbalanced, especially mentally.

I felt that way recently. I have been on the go—literally seeing the world—and I came back home and slowed down for the first time in over a month. In those moments—I tried to catch my breath. I wondered what was wrong. I have so much to be thankful for and I am living my dream—but I still felt off and I couldn't shake the sense of "unhinged" that permeated my thoughts.

The old me would have frantically found something or someone to hold onto. I would have attached myself to what I believed was solid. I probably would have made some unwise decisions.

The new me did a few things.

  • I changed my perspective from "unhinged" to "unclipped" and went with it.
  • I leaned into the love of family and a couple dear friends
  • I embraced the anxiety and the sense of adventure
  • I told myself truth.

Unclipped is about living without a safety net because there really isn't one anyway. I'm honest with myself that I want that sense of security and safety about my life—but isn't it time that I recognize the truth about even my own life? There are no guarantees. Even the things you are most sure of in the world can turn out to be false. There is only this moment to live and I have the chance to live it for others and for myself. For the first time in my life, I'm not clipped into anything permanently except my own life. What a rush!

My life coach taught me something profound several months ago as I was struggling through a rough week. She said to me--"Ken, for someone that is all about doing life with other people, you sure are trying hard to accomplish all of this by yourself." Touché. I know life is about living it with others and there are a ton of people that love me. I will let them. And I do.

There is something to learn in the midst of the anxiety. Instead of running away from it—I will embrace it and see what I can learn. This past week, I learned that what I really want is adventure and I had a "duh" moment as I wondered if adventure and anxiety are ever going to be separated. Is it even an adventure if you aren't at least a little scared?

Finally, telling myself the truth didn't eliminate the anxiety and sense of discomfort but it did keep the voices of doubt and fear from becoming deafening. Here are some of my words to myself:

I am loving
I am loved
Just as I am

I am responsible
I care for others
And others care for me

I have talents
Gifts for the world

I am not alone
The universe is for me
I am OK

I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one who feels "unhinged" from time to time. Will you join me in this new perspective of "unclipped?"

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