What's Behind Your Tears?

Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you haven’t seen Double Rainbow Guy on YouTube…I have two things to say to you:

1. You are missing out!
2. Watch it now…as soon as you can. Double Rainbow Guy

What is it about human emotion that we all connect with? Literally every time I watch it—I laugh uncontrollably and become amazed with this guy behind the camera. He is literally enraptured by the beauty of the double rainbow. Speechless. It touches a profound place in him and he doesn’t know what to do with that feeling. So he cries. He screams in joy. He talks to God.

These are unmanufactured moments. Moments that we cannot replicate for ourselves…they come from outside of us—and deep inside.

The Chilean miner saga echoes similar feelings. Facebook was awash with friend after friend saying that they were in tears as they watched one miner after another come up and experience their freedom and their families. Again, we watch in awe as others experience deep emotion and it speaks to the deep truths about ourselves.

We are mesmerized by the humanity of others. Each of us longs to access our own emotions yet continually avoids it at the same time. We are afraid of the power. Afraid of looking weak. Afraid of what it would be like to really live with our full humanity.

I want that for myself. I want to be moved to emotion by my movies—like I was when I watched Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart last year. His character spoke to my own mixture of regret, self-destruction, longing for relationship, need for redemption, playfulness, joy, and hope.

I want to listen to songs that speak to my heart—like Eminem’s I Love the Way You Lie. It’s a story of an abusive relationship and with Rihanna singing the chorus you can’t help but realize that this is real life—these are real struggles. Emotions are pouring out of this song and the video just underlines them--emotions like passion, confusion, aloneness, hatred, desperation, and jealousy. It speaks to those same emotions in me.

I want to be moved to move—to dance, to sing along—don’t you?

So, next time you watch a movie or a YouTube video that touches you, ask yourself “What does this say about me and my heart?”

Next time you watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and you have tears streaming down your face, ask yourself, “What is behind these tears, what does it really say about me and who I want to be?”

Next time you see a sporting event and you are overcome with joy as your team scores, ask yourself, “What am I longing for in my work or family that this excitement speaks to?”

There is truth to be found about you in your deep emotion. Enjoy the journey!

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