What Are You Fighting For?

Posted Thursday, July 21, 2011

I saw the new Harry Potter movie tonight with my teenage daughter. A must see. Really.

I know this happens in real life too—but there is just something about movies where you get to see people living out of their true selves—really experiencing their fear but deciding to face it and do what they must do for those that they love.

It makes me think of Braveheart—another story of good and evil with betrayal, death of a hero, and freedom winning in the end.

I was asked who I admired the other day. Living or dead. Real or fictional. The first name that hit me was William Wallace. I tried to push it out to come up with a "better" name but my sub conscience wouldn't have it—William Wallace was the choice. Then came the follow-up questions: what is it that you admire? What are the specific traits. What inspires you about this person? What resonates with you?

Try this yourself with someone you admire, my answers are below: 

  • I admire that he fought for the woman he loved and even after she was gone—he kept fighting.
  • I admire that he fought for freedom.
  • I resonate deeply with how he was called the warrior poet—because he wasn't truly a fighter—he was a lover that fought for people's hearts and their freedom.
  • I am inspired by his creativity.
  • I am inspired that he chose to die with his conviction intact saying: "Every man dies, not every man truly lives." 
So what is the point of this exercise—for me and for you? The truth is that someone we admire speaks to the truth about ourselves. It speaks to what resonates with us and what we are deep inside. 

My whole life, I have been fighting for hearts. Often in clumsy and imperfect ways—but I've always been fighting.  I fight desperately for my children's hearts. I fight for my significant other's heart. I fight for my friend's hearts. I fight now for my own heart.

The heart is where life comes from. The heart is where real living happens. It's not just dreams and fairy tales. The way we live really is all about the heart.

I want my clients to know that I am a warrior poet. I am fighting for their hearts. I want for them the life that they could really have if they experienced the freedom from the voices of "can't" and "should." I want for them to take a stand for their own hearts and risk vulnerability so that they can have the relationships and the careers of their dreams. 

Come join me on this journey of fighting for hearts.

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