What is the Universe Saying to You?

Posted Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have you ever felt like the universe was trying to tell you something?

Several years ago I decided to go to motorcycle safety school so I could buy a harley and hang out with my best buddy on Saturday afternoons in the summer. My plans were changed when I fell off my bike during the training and although I wasn't hurt physically, I ended up with a concussion and amnesia. It was probably the scariest day of my life as I couldn't remember anything in the last several months of my life--including going to see the team of my childhood in a playoff game.

My memory mostly came back (I still don't remember the fall) and a few months later I started considering going back to the class and going after my dream of having a motorcycle. My buddy was headed to the Bike Expo and I decided to come along. On my way into the building I was walking through the parking garage--just minding my own business--and I rammed my head into a pipe that was hanging down. I hit it so hard I saw stars.

It was in that moment that I decided that the universe was saying as loudly as it could: DON'T DO IT.

It's not all bad news though; I was in the middle of a coaching session a few weeks ago and was "rudely" interrupted by some banging in the next room. Not wanting to let the opportunity pass by, I simply asked my client what was the noise in his life that was keeping him from reaching his goals. Out poured a litany of stuff that he noticed in that moment. 

We co-active coaches call this Level 3 listening-- basically the third level of listening to people. 

  • Level 1—listening to yourself while the other person is talking.  
  • Level 2—really listening to the other person while they talk and processing them (not your own junk).  
  • Level 3—listening to the room, the space, the universe, the energy, the sounds around you…and incorporating them into the moment. 

So this client has totally embraced it. Now he wants to talk about the level 3 all the time and he's noticing it in his life all the time. "What is the universe saying here?" is a common refrain.

So try it.

Ask yourself the question…in this moment, how is the universe attempting to get my attention.

It could be during a tough conversation with your spouse and "coincidently" your song from your wedding starts playing on the radio. 

It could be the car cutting you off on the freeway and your anger begins to boil. Stop for a second. What is it to be cut off? What is the universe showing you in that moment?  How else are you being cut off in your life? I don't know the answer for you. You'll be surprised by what you come up with.

Right now it's thundering and lighting outside. What does this have to say about my life…today?

Some other questions that might come up:

  • When you hear children on a playground: What would it be like to approach this moment like a little kid? 
  • When the sound of the espresso machine at Starbucks drowns out your conversation: What does it feel like to be drowned out? 
  • When you hear the wind rustling through the trees: What direction is the wind blowing from in your life? How is your tree holding up to the wind? 
  • When you hear birds chirping early in the morning: What do the birds know about today that I don't yet? 
  • When the train goes rumbling by and you are annoyed by having to wait for it: What does it mean to wait for something more powerful than me? 

 Try some of these out. I'd love to hear about how it worked for you.

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