Why Authenticity?

Posted Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I asked my readers on facebook the other day— why be authentic?

Here are a couple of responses: 

  • Authenticity is our only connection to reality.  It's not always pleasant, but it forces us to enter into places that really need to be restored. It's also profoundly engaging (or disruptive) to people bombarded with superficiality, showmanship and deceit on a daily basis. And once exposed, it forces you to decide...will I be authentic or will I continue to hide? 
  • Because I am constantly seeking truth. Whether or not if the truth is pleasant I'd rather deal with the truth and make an informed conscious decision based on truth. With that being said, I'd rather be authentic to set expectations and examples to the people in my life. How does the saying go? "Do unto others...." As complex as human emotions can be, I believe being authentic increases sincerity, clarifies intention, and minimizes confusion.   
I think authenticity is hard. It's dangerous. It leads to pain. It's like driving up the Pacific Coast Highway. There are twists, turns, and all sorts of places that require caution…ahhh, but the beauty is worth it. 

Authenticity is scary. What if people don't like me? What if people have misconceptions? What if I don't get the job I want? What if I make someone upset? What if I upset the apple cart?

Living authentically scares others too. People don't know what to do with people that don't just fall in line and act like everyone else. Beware of the contempt that will surely come your way as you tell the truth about yourself in the face of consequences.

Living authentically comes with a price. The price includes giving up on what other people think of you. It includes relinquishing control of other people. It includes letting go of outcomes.

Oh, but the rewards are so worth the price. Being OK with yourself—really being OK with who you are and who you show the world—this is a priceless gift that allows you to give and receive love from others like never before.

So where do you start? Authenticity starts with being true to yourself. Speaking up for yourself. Caring for yourself. It starts with recognizing the truth about who you are and what drives you. 

I've had several clients in the last couple of months that have begun to tackle living authentically. All I have to say is WOW! The beauty and joy coming from their lives right now blows me away. It is truly a gift!

What is your next step on your authentic journey?


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