Brené Brown on Vulnerability

Posted Friday, February 23, 2018

In her TED talk titled “The Power of Vulnerability,” Brené Brown, a story-telling researcher gives insight on her 6-year long attempt to deconstruct vulnerability. What is vulnerability? How did it begin to run our lives? Brown breaks down that every insecurity and indecision we face all comes down to our feelings of worthiness. The people who feel they belong, who love unconditionally, who take risks, who invest in something that may not work out, those people believe they are worthy of all of that.

During this 6-year long research, Brown spent 4 intense days immersing herself in case studies, interviews, and sessions of hundreds of people who all had one thing in common: wholeheartedness. Through jokes and all too true realities, Brené gets real with where our vulnerabilities originate, and how we can move past them.

The society we live in today is wrought with vulnerability We give into it too, by numbing it. Brown lists off that the United States is the most in debt, obese, addicted, and medicated adult cohort in history. The extent to which we attempt to numb the vulnerable situations we need to be truly happy is disheartening. Of course it’s natural for us to stray away from situations in which we can be shot down, disappointed, or laughed at. But when we numb those things, we numb everything.

Brown concludes her speech with what she learned after 6 years of researching and a lot of therapy. Let yourself be seen. Love with your whole heart. Practice gratitude and lean into joy, and finally, believe that you are enough.

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