Come With Me if You Want to Live

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2015

Do you Bitmoji? I've recently discovered this fun way of communicating. It's an app on my iPhone where I create a cartoon version of myself. The app then puts me in all sorts of scenes. It's so much fun.

I haven't BWAHAHAHA'd so much in a while.

The other day I sent one with the slogan from The Terminator movies, "Come With Me If You Want to Live." My buddy responded, "Is that your new business slogan?"

Ha. No. But yes, maybe.

I'm talking about real life. Really living. My slogan has been for years: "Helping People Come Alive."

You don't need to come with me (specifically me) if you want to really live. You do need to get out of there though. You do need to stop doing what you are doing.

One of the most powerful questions my coach asks me is, "What would happen if you did nothing?" What. Would. Happen?

I sent this bitmoji to my buddy because I'm desperate for him. He feels totally stuck in his life. We talk once every few months and each month is the same story. Nothing is changing. I just want him to make a choice to do something different. Try something new. Get out.

I can't do it though. He needs to make his choice. He has to ask for help. He has to take the next step. It's his life. His choice.

What step are you going to take? Who are you going to ask for help?

You have alive-ness in you. Your life is meant to be lived. With purpose. With meaning.

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