Fasting in 2015

Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We were ready.

30 days.

For the purpose of getting to know our God better. For the purpose of feasting on what God wanted to share with us. No food. Only water and vitamins. 

I failed. I made it 4 days. The headaches. The debilitating hunger. The inability to think straight

My partner made it 30 days. I was in awe.

Years later. I sit here still in awe. I can barely go an afternoon without a sweet snack.

Fasting in 2015 is no longer fasting. It's weight loss. It's a way to cleanse your body. It is lemon juice and cayenne pepper. It's about changing our bodies--not about changing our hearts.

At it's core--fasting is about changing your heart. It's noticing the depth of hunger. It's  about noticing what you turn to in order to assuage your sadness about life. What feeds you?

Does your TV feed you? Facebook? Your smart phone? Of course it does. Take a fast. Notice what else feeds you. Notice our desire to control how we are fed.  What would occur if for a weekend you trusted things beyond yourself to feed you? What would you learn?

Fasting is a discipline. It is something we do so that we can accomplish something else that we aren't able to do just yet. My highest priority is learning how to truly love. I don't know how to do it. I suspect fasting might teach me something about that.

My challenge is to use the weekend prior to Thanksgiving to do some fasting. Advanced users might try the entire weekend. I'm going to try for Saturday.

Will you join me. Set an intention? See what fasting gives you? Will you let me know?

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