I'm Weird

Posted Thursday, April 05, 2018

"How would you live if you were fearless, if you lived your life as an expression of your deepest heart." David Deida 

I’ve really got the best job in the world. I get to start nearly every work conversation with a big, deep question. I get to ask questions like: “What are you celebrating this week?”, or “What’s true for you right now?”, or “What does your purpose have to do with what you focused on today?”

I often say that the thing I love about my job is that I get to really BE with people all day long. 
In a world where we all long to connect—I get to do it for a living. 
There’s something weird going on though, and not just with the world—with me. 
I live with an eight-year-old. Her name is Sophie and she is the daughter of one of my life-long friends. There is nothing like a child to call you on your own BS. The other day, Sophie had to make a rule for me—no looking at my phone when I am with her. You see, right in front of me, I have all this life—all this joy—and over and over again she had to ask me to get my face out of my phone. 
That’s weird. 
It’s weird that we don’t connect when we have a chance to. It’s weird that we think people who talk on elevators are weird. It's weird that we don't acknowledge each other.
We were born to connect. Born to live with open hearts. I get all the good reasons why we don’t but we’re totally missing out on all sorts of love and joy. 
So this is my assignment to myself this week—to show up with an open heart to every conversation and every interaction with humans. It's been liberating. The chance to simply connect with strangers is everywhere--not to mention to more deeply connect with people I love.

Will you join me?

"All your guarded moments are life wasted." David Deida in Blue Truth

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