You Are Richer Than You Think

Posted Saturday, March 12, 2016

I met this man the other day. The man in the photo above. He lives in San Juan La Laguna in Guatemala. He is a farmer who has some of his own land and also works for others who don’t have time or the skill to plant their own land. 

All of the farming is done by hand—with a simple hoe and no other technology besides the cool pouch he has created to carry the corn seeds that he is planting. I can just imagine him frustrated by carrying the bucket of seeds, setting down the hoe, and then picking it up again between every single planting. What a leap in productivity it must have been when he created the pouch out of an old plasticy burlap bag.

He is reminding me of how ridiculously full my world is. Full of material resources. Full of education. Full of connections. Full of friendships. Full of fullness.

I sat down with a client the other day to dream about what was possible. We made an expansive list of all the hopes he had for creating a life of deeper meaning and sustaining his family. We then dreamed the impossible. What if we stopped letting our dreams be stunted by reality—what if we just simply stated them out loud? Then his dreams got interesting. 

We then looked at his resources. Try this for yourself with your coach. You have so much more available to you than you can imagine. Every positive thing you have created in your life is a potential resource. You may have zero dollars to your name, but I can promise you that you are full of resources. 

  • A list of potential resources:  
  • • Money in the bank 
  • • Assets  
  • • Education 
  • • Certifications 
  • • Personality 
  • • Talents 
  • • Relationships 
  • • Family 
  • • Location  
  • • Surrounding culture 
  • • Ideas 
  • • Writings 
  • • Books 
  • • Technology 
  • • What else is in your world? 

Like the Guatemalan farmer, what you need is probably already present—the question is will you notice it?

Take a look at that impossible dream again. What resource are you going to tap into to make it happen? How are you going to move it forward in 2016? 

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