When You Can't Do What You Want To Do- Just Yet

Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Me: “You what?”

Buddy: “I signed up to run a marathon in Dublin this fall.”

Me: “Dublin?….IRELAND?” (incredulously)

Buddy: “Yes”

Me: “Well, I’m going with you because there is no way I’m going to let you run a marathon before I do!”

So started my unexpected journey into my first marathon. Up to this point, I had never run more than 6 miles at one time—26.2 was a literal impossibility. On that day.

Fast forward 6 months and my face tells the story. I finished.

The definition of a DISCIPLINE: an activity within our power (something we can do) which brings us to a point where we can do what at present cannot be done by direct effort.

Discipline isn’t sexy. But we all know…it’s how we change. I was able to finish that marathon not because I willed my way to do it—but I did what I could do, increasing my mileage each week, enduring aches and pains, begging forgiveness from family and friends for time spent running nearly every day, increasing caloric intake by a factor of three, and finally on that day in Dublin—I was able to finish.

What do you want in your life that at this moment you simply can’t do? Who do you want to be in this moment who you simply can't be?

I talked to a client today that wants to stop reacting poorly at work. He’s been reacting this way for his entire 30-year career. He truly does care for people. He just wants his actions to match his true care. He can’t do it. Deciding to always treat others with kindness hasn't gotten him there. The answer is simple but hard.

Practice makes people. He needs to incorporate discipline. There are two basic types of discipline. Things that we do and things we don’t do. Both matter. For my client, we came up with one of each.

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