Poetry is a clear window into the heart. I often write to express the thoughts and emotions inside me--not knowing what will appear on the page but invariably discovering more about myself and the world around me.

To Be A Dog

Posted Monday, March 21, 2011

To make a difference
To be loved
To save a life
By simply being me
To be cared for
Made safe
Given a warm bed
To be noticed
To be heard  Read More »


Posted Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Do you have the courage to be creative?
What if your life depended on it?
It does!

Your creativity
What you offer the world
Your essence
That’s your life.

Beautiful You
Starts with unique thought
Experiencing the world
Experiencing yourself
Melding them together
Out pops you.

What is it that we are all after?
To be known
And loved

So why do we hide?

‘Cause we’re afraid
Afraid we’ll be known
And despised
Or judged
Or worse
 So we hide.

Your journey into the real you
Is dangerous
Requires courage

There will be pit-falls
Or worse

There is also life
All the stuff
Worth dying for

And you get to be you
At least more you
Than yesterday

So try it on
The courage, I mean
See what it gets you
Real life is waiting…   Read More »

Be Yourself

Posted Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Just be yourself
That’s what they say

Until you aren’t who they want you to be
What they are actually saying is:
Handle it their way
Respond like them
Be them

Get in that box
Sit there
At least until I need you
How’s that working for you?
Time to try something new?

Let’s eliminate the word “Just”
Now we’re getting somewhere

Be Yourself
Give your gifts to the world
See what happens
Let everyone feel your power
Some won’t like it
To be sure
Most however
Most will eat it up
Devour the real you
Love what you have to offer

You being You
Is truly the only gift the Universe needs!   Read More »

What If?

Posted Saturday, March 05, 2011

What if your heart’s desire…
That thing you want the most in your life.

That dream you wish for.
That hope for the future.

What if it’s only available to you…
If you enter into your deepest fear?

If you let go of the rope
Jump off the cliff
Give up control
Have that conversation
Meet face to face with your fear

Only then will you know
You will be OK
You are valuable
You are whole
You are a gift to the world

With your dream
Or without
What if?  Read More »

Are you Waiting for a Sign?

Posted Saturday, March 05, 2011

This is it
This is your life
You get to make it what you want
You have choices

Yes, there are circumstances
Life isn't always kind
Stuff happens to those we love
We try and try
And we don't get our heart's desires

But--we still get a choice
The choice to be a victim of life
Or the choice to rise above it
Live with intention
Go after our dreams

It starts with one decision
Decide to slow down
Look around

Now, choose your direction
Head that way!  Read More »


Posted Tuesday, February 08, 2011

while others are striving 

while others are competing

while others are stressing 

while others are fighting 

Let go 
while others are holding tight 

while others are marching in step 

while others are scheming 

See beauty 
while others see nothing 

while others do 

Live joyfully 
while others barely live

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Coaching is a Spoon

Posted Monday, January 17, 2011

Imagine your life is a soup
Chicken soup with plenty of vegetables and a tasty broth
Sometimes it just needs to be stirred up
But that takes effort

Most of us let our soup settle
Most of us don't want to stir our lives up
Sometimes we'd rather let the layers form
Let the truly sustaining stuff go to the bottom
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Counting the Cost of Being Inauthentic

Posted Monday, January 10, 2011

It cost me my first marriage
Not a small thing
Fifteen years
Mostly good—sometimes amazing
Mostly loving—I was deeply loved and so was she
I thought I couldn’t be me
And be there
So I left
I made choices I regret
I have done harm beyond repair
To her
To me
To our kids
Not that simple
But the essence is there
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Lost and Found

Posted Thursday, January 06, 2011

Left Alone
Like an old pair of shoes
Or a no longer needed doll
Like a rusted out Pontiac Fiero
Unwanted and sent to the junk-pile 

Is it true?
Did you do this to me?
I never would
I wouldn’t, couldn’t.
Not in a million years.
Do that to my kids.
How did you do it to me?
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Out of Control

Posted Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I want to have a baby
Desperate for me
Desperate for her
One plus one equals three right?
Not so much
I can’t make it happen
Two years later—we’re still trying

I wanted her to love me
Take care of my heart
Be there for me
She didn’t
She wasn’t
I couldn’t make her
Although I tried
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