Poetry is a clear window into the heart. I often write to express the thoughts and emotions inside me--not knowing what will appear on the page but invariably discovering more about myself and the world around me.


Posted Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm in control
But I'm not

I have my choices
My choice to think
My choice to speak
My choice to move
My choice to interpret my world
I can tell you how i feel
I can attempt to convince you with words
I can try to physically move you
I can even ask you to take on my world interpretation
In the end though
You have your choices
To think
To speak
To move
And interpret
So I have control
Some anyway
In my own choices
But no control
Over you
Unless you give it
And less control over the world

So here we are
Not in control
But wanting it
Because we need love
And if we can't make it happen
How will we ever get love?

We wait for it
We ask those we love for it without demanding it
We move into spaces of possible love
We believe that love is waiting for us
And we realize We are not in control of it

by Ken Carlson

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