Poetry is a clear window into the heart. I often write to express the thoughts and emotions inside me--not knowing what will appear on the page but invariably discovering more about myself and the world around me.

Isn't It Time?

Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Once upon a time
You waited for a hero
He never came
She never came

Once upon a time
You dreamed of being saved
Arms wrapped around you
Carried to shore
It didn't happen
At least not how you hoped

Once upon a time
You believed it was true
You were saved
He carried you across the threshold
She made your dreams come true

Once upon a time
Reality set in
The fairy tale
The story
Was just that
A fairy tale

They love you
He loves you
She loves you
To be sure
But you're still unsettled
Still searching
Still wanting
Full life

Isn't it time

by Ken Carlson

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