Poetry is a clear window into the heart. I often write to express the thoughts and emotions inside me--not knowing what will appear on the page but invariably discovering more about myself and the world around me.

Stick Shift

Posted Monday, January 16, 2012

My life was on automatic transmission
It's great technology
No need to worry
No thought about how fast my engine was going
It took care of itself

My life has a manual transmission
It's hands on
I'm in tune with my vehicle
Feeling the engine
Feeling the clutch
Do I engage?
When do I brake?

I took the curves 
I came to the stoplight
I waited on the hill
It was all taken care of

There is no rest
Every stoplight
Every curved road
I have to pay attention
Gotta keep my hand on the shifter
Foot near the brake

My sub conscience ran the show
An unexpected curve in my life
I responded without thinking

I live in conscience choice
I choose my life
I choose what gear I am in
I respond in accordance to my desires
What I want for my life

Real Life

It requires engagement
Hands on

by Ken Carlson

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