What Makes Authentic Development Different?

A focus on authenticity and what that means in helping you reach your personal, professional, and life goals

It is an alignment of our beliefs with our actions that lead us rapidly towards our own version of success and joy.

What makes Authentic Development unique?

  • Dedication to co-active coaching which is really a partnership between coach and client.
  • A focus on the truth that you believe about the world and the truth of the impact you are having.
  • Working with someone who is on the same journey as you and committed to a life of authenticity and growth.
  • Ken's experiences as a corporate leader, seasoned parent, science geek, spouse, divorcé, weekend athlete, speaker, and artist make him unique. Working with a coach that you can relate to often increases the effectiveness of the coaching.
  • Our core belief is that everyone comes to coaching completely creative, resourceful, and whole. There is no fixing that needs to be done--only partnering to help realize what is already waiting to flourish.

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1 - What's a life purpose?
2 - I'm not really interested
3 - I'm really curious about what my purpose is
4 - I'm exploring it
5 - I''m living it

1 - Not at all
2 - Hardly
3 - I know where I want to grow but I haven't done anything at all.
4 - I'm trying but I'm stuck
5 - I'm all in. I really want to grow

1 - I'm not interested
2 - I know I should try new ways if I want different results but I find it hard to get motivated
3 - I try new ways here and there
4 - I'm excited to try new ways and I often do
5 - I try new ways of doing things every day

1 - I thought we were all supposed to just survive this life.
2 - How could anyone else possiibly know anything about my life?
3 - I think it would be great but I'm skeptical.
4 - I want to know what I don't know and I want someone to nudge me along.
5 - I'm looking for someone to tell me the honest truth about me even if it hurts.

1 - Survive
2 - Living Life Having Love and the Pursuit of Happiness
3 - Helping other people
4 - Help others and leave a legacy
5 - Live fully alive and with purpose

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