How Does it Work?

Each of us has it within us to embrace the life that we desire.

Imagine having a partner on your journey whose sole purpose is to help you move towards the best version of yourself?  Coaching helps you identify your core values, set intentions around them, and ensures that you overcome what has gotten in the way up until now. It is the simple deliberateness of the coaching relationship that makes a difference. With over seven years of coaching experience, Ken listens to what isn't being said and says the things that must be said. Coaching isn't about advice--it is about discovering the truth about ourselves and taking action as a result. It is about having the courage to become our AUTHENTIC self. 

What does it look like on a practical level?

  • We usually meet bimonthly or weekly
  • Each session is between 45-60 minutes long
  • We can meet in person in Chicago or virtually via phone/Skype.
  • Over 75% of Authentic Development clients are virtual
  • Clients generally commit to 6 months initially. I request a 3 month minimum commitment
  • The first session is often extended and focused on learning more about you-we call this a Discovery Session 
  • Authentic Development can custom make a coaching program to meet your needs

What can I expect?

  • Forward movement
  • Increased efficiency
  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • 100% focus on you
  • Joyful living

What coaching isn't...

  • Therapy/Counseling: Therapy can be critical to someone’s healing—coaching does not focus time and energy on working through old wounds. We may touch on them from the perspective of learning about how they affect the future but the focus in coaching is always on right now and on the future.
  • Consulting/Training: Consultants and trainers bring an expertise around the topic that you have hired them for. They are important and valuable. Coaches, however, focus on helping the client grow and learn about themselves. The simple truth is that being told what you need to do is completely different than realizing it for yourself.

Take the next step

    Complete the following 5-question survey to see if you are ready for coaching. You'll get an email right away with a key letting you know! 
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    1 - What's a life purpose?
    2 - I'm not really interested
    3 - I'm really curious about what my purpose is
    4 - I'm exploring it
    5 - I''m living it

    1 - Not at all
    2 - Hardly
    3 - I know where I want to grow but I haven't done anything at all.
    4 - I'm trying but I'm stuck
    5 - I'm all in. I really want to grow

    1 - I'm not interested
    2 - I know I should try new ways if I want different results but I find it hard to get motivated
    3 - I try new ways here and there
    4 - I'm excited to try new ways and I often do
    5 - I try new ways of doing things every day

    1 - I thought we were all supposed to just survive this life.
    2 - How could anyone else possiibly know anything about my life?
    3 - I think it would be great but I'm skeptical.
    4 - I want to know what I don't know and I want someone to nudge me along.
    5 - I'm looking for someone to tell me the honest truth about me even if it hurts.

    1 - Survive
    2 - Living Life Having Love and the Pursuit of Happiness
    3 - Helping other people
    4 - Help others and leave a legacy
    5 - Live fully alive and with purpose

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