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1 - What's a life purpose?
2 - I'm not really interested
3 - I'm really curious about what my purpose is
4 - I'm exploring it
5 - I''m living it

1 - Not at all
2 - Hardly
3 - I know where I want to grow but I haven't done anything at all.
4 - I'm trying but I'm stuck
5 - I'm all in. I really want to grow

1 - I'm not interested
2 - I know I should try new ways if I want different results but I find it hard to get motivated
3 - I try new ways here and there
4 - I'm excited to try new ways and I often do
5 - I try new ways of doing things every day

1 - I thought we were all supposed to just survive this life.
2 - How could anyone else possiibly know anything about my life?
3 - I think it would be great but I'm skeptical.
4 - I want to know what I don't know and I want someone to nudge me along.
5 - I'm looking for someone to tell me the honest truth about me even if it hurts.

1 - Survive
2 - Living Life Having Love and the Pursuit of Happiness
3 - Helping other people
4 - Help others and leave a legacy
5 - Live fully alive and with purpose

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