"I hired Ken initially to help me with my career but working with him has made a huge impact on all areas of my life! We really just focused on what was most important to me and it’s amazing what progress we’ve made. I’ve not only improved my resume and interviewing skills, I’ve improved my finances, and relationships with those I love. I’ve needed the focus that coaching has given me in order to make progress towards my one-year, five-year, and retirement goals. The coaching has truly changed my entire life."  ~Dawn Macek, Coaching Client

“Choosing to move out of the country was the best decision I made in 2011, but it's a decision that Ken helped to guide me through. So it's safe to say that hiring Ken as a life coach was actually the best decision I made in 2011. It's only 4 months into 2012, and I'm quite excited about the path that the "New Year" is taking. Ken is a genuine extremely competent professional who has helped me to blossom as an international leader. I would highly recommend Ken to coach anyone who is authentically dedicated to moving their career and life forward.”--Faith L Walls

"Working with Ken makes such a powerful impact on my professional and personal life. Ken reminds me to think about what I want in life and then challenges me to go for it. He asks those hard questions, makes me accountable for my actions, provides encouragement, reframes disappointments, and celebrates my successes.  Like learning to ride a bike, Ken runs with me for the first few steps until I realize I can move forward on my own." --Mary Bonesz

“Ken and I worked together helping me find out where I should be concentrating my efforts in my career. Now, I am a better planner and getting more business.”--David Granell

"That was the best 36 minutes of my life so far;  I'm serious. You can quote me on that!" ~Sample coaching client that immediately became a full-fledged client.

“Ken is a talented and effective life coach. He is an excellent listener and not only hears what you're saying, but dissects it into what you are REALLY saying. Ken has helped me in many aspects of my life and is absolutely fabulous! I recommend him to anyone in need of change, or even just a listening ear.”--Coaching Client

“I would like to personally reccommend Ken to anyone who is looking to develop professionally. His creativeness and personal touch are just a few of the many attributes Ken utilizes in guiding his clients to realizing their full potential. He was able to help me refine my resume, and implement a professional plan to reach my career goals. It was a pleasure to work with him.” ~Career coaching client

"Every once in a while you have to stop, slow down, and think about things differently. You provided the much-needed space and direction and discipline to do that." ~Coaching client

“Ken is an amazing person, which translates to an incredible authentic coaching experience." ~Life coaching client

"Ken is a unique coach, good with both those who dive free-fall into being coached and those who hesitate on their journey. He is caring, respectful, and energizing. He listens with patience and hears the story within and behind your words. Through questioning and intuition he guides you to places inside yourself where possibilities live, and sticks with you as you sort fact from fiction in the world of you." --Rhonda C. Messinger

"Hi Ken: A quick email to tell you how much I enjoy reading your BLOG! I have mostly unsubscribed myself from everything, but yours is one I look forward to reading. Your musings are wise, engaging, down-to-earth, and so easy to relate to. Love it! "~Newsletter recipient 

For Ken...

Bespectacled beloved
A nuturer for the masses
For the one
Who is lost
A shepherd of wisdom
And folly
He sips from the font of truth
Authentically he roams
Seeking the telling tears
The ripe blossom
The impossible possibility
He is awake
A fighter
For the masses
For the one
Who is lost

by Lara Tallman
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